What I do within the school setting is exciting and varied. I offer workshops at your school for your parents and staff.  My approach is unique in that I take the whole family into account: the parents individually, the partnerships that support the child (regardless of whether the child is with two parents, a parent and a care-giver, extended family, etc.), and complete tools to raise responsible children in a loving and emotionally supportive way.

My workshops are fun, informative, and interactive.  Everyone walks away equipped with tools to use immediately.


I provide comprehensive options to corporate clients.
I invite you to get in touch with me to discuss your interest in what I have to offer your business and employees. I work closely with corporate clients to develop workshops that meet the needs of your employees.

Without a doubt, calm and "in control" parents make happier, more productive employees. I speak on topics that support the people within your business in their role as a parent and within the workplace. The skills parents take away from my workshops transfer effectively to work situations. 

I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to talk to you in more detail about what I do and how we can deliver it!

growth mindset melissa benaroya parent coach

Keynote Speaker for Nestlé in Philippines on Growth Mindset


Building Your Parenting Toolbox
This workshop offers parenting strategies that result in children who want to be in partnership with their parents. Melissa blends Positive Discipline and Gottman techniques in her approach to help take the power struggles out of our day-to-day interactions with our children. Melissa will share specific discipline strategies that foster respectful loving family relationships and teach self-discipline. Content presented is based on her book The Childproof Parent.

Emotion Coaching: An Essential Part of Your Parenting Toolbox

Emotion coaching helps parents guide their children through life's ups and downs in a way that builds confidence, resilience and strong relationships. Developed by Dr. John Gottman, author of Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, this process helps your child learn how emotions work and how to behave in healthy ways when feelings are strong and develop skills that help them thrive socially and academically. Come learn and practice with your community of parents. 

Creating Healthy Families: Putting Yourself & Your Relationships First
This workshop for parents is based on the research of Drs. John & Julie Gottman. Come and learn about the Gottman Sound Relationship House and how to build your emotional bank account. Melissa will share some simple steps that are scientifically proven to strengthen relationships, and can enrich your lives through your connection with one another and your child.

Fostering Empathy in Children
From the groundbreaking work on Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman (1996) identified five characteristics, which more than general intelligence or IQ, predict a person’s eventual success in life. These traits (self-awareness, mood management, motivation, empathy, and social skills) can be fostered in children and taught in classrooms, making them powerful strategies for parents and teachers to model when working with children. Helping kids read emotions and develop empathy is an ongoing process and can’t be taught in a few days or weeks. Melissa will share three specific strategies to help foster empathy in our children.

Partners in Parenting

Learn why taking care of your relationship is critical to your child’s development! Based on the research of Drs. John & Julie Gottman, this hands-on workshop will help participants learn the secrets to increasing relationship satisfaction and parenting as a team.

Beyond Praise: Avoiding The Approval Junkie Syndrome

Tired of using threats and bribes? In this this workshop we will discuss specific ways to encourage and motivate children without creating approval junkies.  This workshop is great for parents of children of all ages! 

Fostering A Growth Mindset Through Empathy, Encouragement & Resilience
Having a Growth Mindset is holding the belief that traits can be developed and improved.  We will discuss the importance of empathy and how we can help our children persist in the face of obstacles, see failure as an opportunity to learn and enjoy the process because they are not solely focused on the outcome. 


Melissa, your talk at Lake Washington Technical College was super helpful- it has done wonders with my approach with my strong-willed and wonderful little girl! KELLI, PRESCHOOL MOM OF PRESCHOOLER, SEATTLE

Thank you again, Melissa! I have taken many parenting classes and yours was by far the best. I really appreciate that I had the opportunity to learn more techniques from you. I am hoping to take an emotional coaching class soon!

 Melissa, I liked the animated conversation and presentation. Normally these seminars during or after lunch put you to sleep; however, you had all my attention. Thank you so much!

I had the opportunity to participate in a PEPS Facilitator Training program led by both Melissa. As the session progressed, however, I found myself truly impressed by their depth-of-knowledge, ability to facilitate group meetings and most importantly, her ability to make participants feel comfortable and at ease. I left feeling excited and truly prepared to lead my first PEPS group and felt that I had a reliable and knowledgeable resource to turn to if needed. CINDY, SEATTLE, WA

 I attended a parent lecture at Wedgwood Cooperative Preschool a few months back and you were the fabulous guest speaker. I was inspired by your energy. Your ability to make time for your fitness goals is what I took home that evening. I have since applied this to my life and am feeling great! Thank you for the much needed nudge. More importantly, the words to make the nudge stick in our busy household. Mom is officially back on the 'to do' list. HELEYNA, WEDGWOOD COOPERATIVE PRESCHOOL PARENT, SEATTLE, WA


 I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melissa at PEPS as she delivered numerous facilitation skills trainings for our Volunteer Group Leaders. She is a great person to work with – very knowledgeable on the topic, and very open to and proactive about incorporating all of our feedback. She is both personable and professional and fun! Our group leaders who attended the training reported that they learned new facilitation and really enjoyed the training. MARY POWER, PEPS PROGRAM DIRECTOR


 Keynote Speaker for Nestlé, Philippines ⋅ Keynote Speaker at WA State Head Start/ECEAP Conference ⋅Jewish Family Service of Seattle ⋅ Hutch Kids at Fred Hutch ⋅ The Annual Women’s Leadership Conference  ⋅ Fenwick & West LLP ⋅  Starbucks Coffee Company ⋅  Villa Academy ⋅ The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO Seattle) ⋅  Lake Washington Institute of Technology ⋅ Madison Park Cooperative Preschool ⋅ Magnolia Cooperative Preschool  ⋅Mercer Island Preschool Association ⋅  Mothers of Multiples ⋅ North Seattle Central Community College ⋅ Program for Early Parenting Support - PEPS ⋅ Saint Catherine School ⋅Seattle Central Community College ⋅ The Woodinville Toddlers Group ⋅ West Seattle Preschool Association ⋅ North Queen Anne Preschool ⋅ Cascadia Elementary ⋅  Redmond Toddler Group⋅ Kirkland Cooperative Preschools ⋅ Inglemoore Cooperative Preschool ⋅ Crystal Springs Cooperative Preschool ⋅ Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool ⋅The Redmond Toddler Group . The Bush School Parent University⋅University Child Development School ⋅ MOPS of North Seattle ⋅ North Seattle French School ⋅ Community Elementary School