Mommy Matters, led by Melissa Benaroya is a opportunity for moms to get support and learn about what matters most as your child moves through the toddler/preschool years. Mommy Matters blends Love and Logic Parenting, Positive Discipline and Gottman principles with personal coaching.

Mommy Matters is for moms only so that moms can create a space where they can be intentional about their parenting. The structure of the group is facilitated discussion around a focused topic each week. The group's intention is that moms walk away feeling confident in their mothering, empowered in their decisions, and fulfilled in their relationships and endeavors. 

The basic format of the group is a check-in on the topic discussed the previous week, presentation of a new topic, discussion/experiences around the new topic, practices for the week, and closure. The discussion is focused on issues specific to the week’s topic, challenging any limiting assumptions connected with the topic, and creating new awarenesses to practice for the week. The sessions will not only provide moms the opportunity to learn new skills, but also share in the joys and frustrations that are inherent in mothering. Group members receive personal coaching and problem-solve with each other to create a community of support that extends beyond the weekly meetings.


In the Mommy Matters workshops, you will:

-Learn new ways to nurture & strengthen relationships with self, child(ren), and partner

-Gain insight into how your child learns

-Learn behavior management strategies

-Feel confident about YOUR parenting choices 


"Wow, it is amazing how often things have come up in the last few days and how good I feel about my 'new' adjusted/improved parenting approach. Your ideas and advice are invaluable.  Thanks again!"  Mommy Matters grad after an evening workshop for couples, Winter 2012

 “This is exactly the class I was looking for!  I realized that I can empower my daughter with the tools I have learned through problem solving instead of dictating.”     Single Mom, Spring 2010

“I was completely empowered by this workshop!  It set me free to enjoy my children and parent them thoughtfully and lovingly.”     Mother of two, Spring 2010

 "Incredible workshop - Incredible facilitators---Really! Melissa and Robin are very real and open with their own personal experiences which make the training that much more realistic and helpful. Otherwise, I think it would have been - for me at least - a bunch of really good ideas that I wouldn't know exactly how to act upon. Great amount of humor and professionalism made it feel safe and "at home" to discuss concerns around raising my twins :) thank you"           East Side Mom of Twins (Microsoft Mom), Summer 2009

“I feel more confident with my parenting style and know that I have tools I can use in some of the more difficult situations.”      Mother of two, Spring 2010

“Wow, opened my eyes a lot and gave me freedom from stress of needing to be in control!”     Mother of toddler and preschooler, Spring 2010

“I participated in the last Mommy Matters class and it was a huge help to me and my family. I got so much out of the class and we have already seen improvements in my son's behavior (and in our parenting). I highly recommend it!”   Sarah R,  Green Lake Mom, Spring 2009